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Props to Pirate Radio

Radio doesn’t hog the spotlight the way film, television and viral does. It’s not as glossy as print. Or as awkward as digital is with its growing pains on display. Radio is a horse of a different colour. And on … Continue reading

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Writing in Twitter’s Shrinking World

In my corner of the world, it seems that everyone is on Twitter. All of my friends are Tweeting. Somedays, it feels like almost everyone in the ad/digital/marketing industry worldwide are Tweeting. And all this activity is contained within my … Continue reading

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How To Be a Successful Social Media Writer

The internet has dramatically changed the way people get information. I can remember research searches lasting weeks, with countless trips to the library, and endless hours spent hunting down topic experts. As more and more people have gained access to … Continue reading

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2010 Cannes Lions: Was this year a game-changer?

I read this article this morning on adage.com and found myself nodding my head to many of the point made. Rather than just a summing up of the 2010 Lions, there were some significant points made that we creative can … Continue reading

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How To Come Up With Better Ideas

Whether or not you’re a digital creative, ad creative, graphic designer, industrial designer, package designer or accountant, ideas and concepts are a necessary part of taking your work to the next level. So how come some people have lots of … Continue reading

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Advertising in the Digital Future: What’s the Idea?

What’s Up With The Industry? It’s interesting times in the advertising industry. If ever the industry was having an identity crisis, it’s now. Digital specialists tend to think anyone who can’t write code is an idiot. And creatives who come … Continue reading

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How To Successfully Pitch A TV Show

You’ve spent the last 10 years locked in your attic, perfecting the best comedy sitcom idea since “Seinfeld” and now you’re ready to pitch your television show. Before you take a meeting, it helps to understand what you will need … Continue reading

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