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From concepts and smart headlines to original content and transmedia storytelling, to television pitch materials, directors treatments, long format writing, blogs and web copy with SEO, I write it all. I'm a writer, copywriter, and a content writer. My job is to help you say it better with ideas and language that get noticed. With copy and content that engages customers and audiences and ideas that make a connection with them. Ideas that generate a response. Materials that can sell a pitch. When you work with me you're working with the big boys: Maclaren, BBDO, Taxi, Sharpe Blackmore and also a great bunch of mid-sized agencies, b2b shops, a national television network (CBC), 15 specialty channels (History Channel, National Geographic, Showcase, Action, IFC, BBC Canada, + many more) and start ups who have taught me everything I know about how to get you noticed, remembered and sold. Or clicked. Or talked about. There are lots of ways to try to sell your products or to sell people on your offer or to engage them in your content and your show. But there is only one way to get it done right and on strategy. My experience is a foot in the door for your brand or your television idea . And no matter the size of your project, my commitment and attention to detail remain the same, big or small and always on deadline. Great conversations have to start somewhere. Give me a call or shoot me an email Check out my work at

What Is A Sizzle Reel For A TV Show?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working in the television industry, it’s that words on paper cannot convey an accurate sense of pacing, style, tone and excitement when trying to describe and more importantly – sell – a potential … Continue reading

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How to Pitch a Reality Show or Series

Reality TV is television programming that features unscripted situations and actual occurrences. Reality usually highlights personal drama and conflict or competitive drama. If you have a great idea for a reality show you’re one step ahead of the rest of … Continue reading

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How To Pitch A TV Show

How to pitch a TV Show: You’ve just spent the last 10 years locked in your attic, perfecting the best comedy sitcom idea since “Seinfeld” and now you’re ready to pitch your television show. Before you take a meeting, it … Continue reading

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How to Successfully Pitch A Radio Show

I’ve written about how to successfully pitch TV shows now it’s time to listen to something a little different since there aren’t any pictures involved. But just because the concept is sound-driven doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read this because many … Continue reading

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If you want a job in commercial editing, become an assistant

Below is a blog I wrote for a client a few weeks back. I have been so busy this summer blogging for others that I realize that I am neglecting my own blog … a state of affairs that I … Continue reading

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Fragile Bird: City and Colour Music Video

Those who know me know that I’ve been doing a lot of blogging for clients these past few months. It’s been fun, but it’s coming to an end. And my poor blog has been ignored as of late. It’s time … Continue reading

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Props to Pirate Radio

Radio doesn’t hog the spotlight the way film, television and viral does. It’s not as glossy as print. Or as awkward as digital is with its growing pains on display. Radio is a horse of a different colour. And on … Continue reading

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