Audiences Do The Heavy Lifting At Fox

Ever tried to out-swim an undertow?

Below is an excerpt from an article in “Variety” by Susan Young illustrating how far ahead the US networks are in terms of closing the social marketing circle.

“Fall TV marketing campaigns have grown wilder as networks fight to get viewers to sample their wares in an increasingly crowded market place.
Fox has put a major push — tours, tweets, online games, screenings and Comic-Con — behind their lead horse in the fall race: “Glee.”

” ‘Glee’ has had the most unusual, innovative, out-of-the-box ideas going for it,” says Fox exec veep of marketing and communications Joe Earley. “We launched in May, then (had) four months of promotion before the (fall) debut. ”

Earley and others say this is the year of social media, where getting online chatter equals a shot at getting sampled.

“The No. 1 thing that drives viewers to programs is on-air (promotion), but the second is word of mouth,” ABC exec veep of marketing Michael Benson says. “You need to do something to get people talking.”

Benson says just a few years ago TV marketers created on-air promos, bought print ads and called it a campaign.

“Now, we’ve got to get people buzzing to drive them to a show,” Benson adds. “You do community screenings, you show it at Comic-Con if it’s appropriate, you present at TCA (the Television Critics Assn. press tour). It’s all about getting it in front of the right people, who will then start blogging and tweeting about it.”

And NBC may have discovered the right doorway. Through a partnership with Facebook, selected viewers predisposed to the Peacock can watch new comedy “Community” — but only if they send invitations to five of their friends to watch as well.

“We’re making the consumer work for us,” says NBC entertainment marketing prexy Adam Stotsky. “You can’t buy better advertising. It’s vital to our core message to utilize all platforms. Whether we’re getting 140-character tweets or blogs or a full feature in Vanity Fair, it all works to get the word out.”


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