TV Tweets Will Add Value For Audiences

One thing I love about renting movies that I can’t get when I go see a film is the special features – usually including an interesting 20 minute “behind-the-scenes” segment. These things are kinda like a hopped up People Magazine – a microscopic look into the real stuff that goes on with cast and crew on a film set, plus director, DP and/or editor commentary to give us a sense of what they were thinking scene by scene.

It’s finally dawned on TV networks that there’s a way to harness the power to the people-ness of Twitter and add value to the rerun experience … use Twitter on reruns and allow willing cast and crew members to participate and interact with the audience via a live Twitter feed that can run across the bottom of the frame – similar to using subtitles with the director’s commentary. I think it’s a great idea, a way to entice audiences to repeat watch an episode of a favourite show. But I wonder how distracting it will be for anyone watching the episode for the first time? Either way, I’m sure it will be weird at first, and then with Darwinian speed, audiences will adapt to this new multi-message landscape, much like they did to the CNN crawl. Would love to know what you think of it if you happen to catch an episode that’s Tweeting.


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