You Get What You Pay For

Lakota-joint-care-formulaI was reading through the comments on CBC Facebook a while back and noticed a few complaints about how many times a particular promo or ad aired during programming. I have to admit myself, I could cheerfully throttle the Lakota Indian Man who shills those all-natural pain vitamins on CBC Newsworld, seemingly every commercial break. My angst comes not from commercial repetition, aka frequency but from bad production values. They really fry my burger. But back to topic …

Ever wonder why television entertainment is free? I’m sure most of you are aware of this but maybe take it a little bit for granted. I know I do. Way back in the dark ages, during the dawn of television the networks were faced with a King Solomon-sized decision. Make their audiences pay for television, or sell advertising space in the guise of a live commercial “break” so that Ed Sullivan could stand up in front of the studio audience and pitch the product direct to camera. Guess what won? By watching commercials you are “paying” for the entertainment service with your time and attention. In these modern times, people click, PVR, TIVO and fast forward through commercials in an attempt to avoid them. But haven’t you noticed that advertisers have uncovered another way to get their message in front of you? Those so called “free” streams of entertainment still come with a price. A commercial “preroll” is embedded at the beginning of the program forcing you to watch it to get to the free stream. Personally, I think it’s a drop in the bucket – a small price to pay for free content.
Just so long as that Lakota guy doesn’t go digital on me.


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